Prince Harry: "I hope my mother will be proud"

Prince Harry:
Prince Harry has said he hopes his mother, Princess Diana, is proud of him. Harry made the comment at a gala dinner in Johannesburg where he has been working with people with HIV and Aids.

The young royal addressed his audience at the fundraising event in South Africa, speaking about the work of charity Senteble and its plans to build a Mamohato Centre, named after Lesotho”s former Head of State Queen Mamohato.

“I hope she would be proud of what we are trying to achieve in her name.” He said, “I hope that my mother will be proud, too. Maybe, just maybe, they are together somewhere up there, with blue prints and sketches already mapped out! I can only hope we put the swings in the right place.”

Having spent several days in Lesotho, while on a five-week break from his service in Afghanistan, Harry spent time at Kannanel Centre for the Deaf and met with children at the school

“Their resilience is astounding and makes me feel extremely humble. It makes me more determined than ever that these wonderful, awe-inspiring children should have happier and healthier lives.”

Harry”s work in Africa has been inspired by his mother”s own efforts in the continent. Until her death in 1997, Princess Diana worked with Aids patients across Africa and also famously visited an Angolan Minefield.