Prince Harry gets his hands dirty on day three of Brazil trip

Prince Harry worked up a sweat on Wednesday as he took a trip into the Amazon rainforest as part of his royal tour in Brazil.

The British royal visited Cota 200, a small village in the Brazilian Atlantic Rainforest which is in the middle of a conservation project.

Prince Harry plants trees in the Amazon rainforest

The initiative, led by the Brazilian government, hopes to preserve the eco-system within the rainforest – which was also the subject of David Beckham”s recent BBC documentary.

Harry appeared happy to get down on his hands and knees as he planted trees
and met residents of the settlement who have lost valuable rainforest due to urban redevelopment.

Posing for pictures and merrily talking to onlookers, Harry also helped a local villager with a new painting on the side of their property, where he joined in with some stencilling.

Prince Harry works up a sweat in the Amazon

After the morning of hard work, Harry was rewarded with some authentic Brazilian food as he participated in a cooking demonstration with Brazilian chef David Hertz.

David runs a not for profit organisation that uses cooking to improve the lives of disadvantaged people.

Harry”s third day in Brazil, it was a day of fun following the disappointing World Cup game that the Prince watched on Tuesday.

Prince Harry tastes chef David Hertz”s food during demonstration

The Prince at one point grinned as his companions appeared to disagree with a decision made on the pitch during the game, but as the players drew in their third and final match against Costa Rica, Harry looked deflated.

It was a far cry from earlier in the day on Tuesday when the Prince spent the morning watching swimming hopeful”s practise and at one point looked gleeful as he was given the opportunity to start a swimming race.

Influenced by the Brazil vs. Cameroon World Cup match he attended on Monday, Harry also participated in a football game with children, taking on the role of goalkeeper, as well as playing a game of basketball and meeting judo practitioners.