Prince George 1st birthday: Comparing his to father Prince William"s

Prince George 1st birthday: Comparing his to father Prince William
In a few short weeks, Britain”s youngest Prince, Prince George, will celebrate his first birthday.

A momentous occasion for any family, it is thought that Prince George”s first birthday party will be a small affair, with just some of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge”s close family and friends.

It will certainly be a far cry from his father Prince William“s first birthday however, as the second-in-line to the throne spent the day with his nanny as his parents were in Canada on the 21 June 1983.

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge with Prince George and their dog Lupo

The Duchess of Cambridge“s younger sister, Pippa Middleton, hinted at what Prince George may expect on at his party on 22 July this year.

“Your one-year-old will feel most at ease with people they know well, so keep their first birthday party familiar and intimate,” Pippa posted on The Party Times, a party planning website.

She added: “Usually, a small crowd consisting of close family and a few friends with babies of the same age is enough.”

No matter what sort of party Kate and William pick for their young son, it will no doubt be very different to William”s experience.
As Prince Charles and Lady Diana were in Canada, they called their young son on the day to wish him a happy birthday.

Prince Charles and Lady Diana

In a BBC report on their day in Canada, it was reported that they spoke to Barbara Barnes, William”s nanny, but Prince Charles said they could only “hear a few squeaks” from William.

Victor Chapman, Prince Charles” press officer, in 1983 said: “They felt the trip is too short to take Prince William. They will be spending much of their time on the royal yacht Britannia and the seas can get pretty rough this time of the year.”

He also added that Charles and Diana were very unhappy to be away for their first son”s first birthday, but the pair made up for it on 10 July when they held a belated event at which all of the royal family were together to join in the festivities.

Described as an “affectionate, high-spirited child”, William was being raised as normally as possible in a manner much less formal than how previous members of the royal family had been bought up.

Prince William with his nanny Barbara Barnes

Diana called her young son twice daily whenever she was away from him, and Earl Edward Spencer, Diana”s father, said at the time that William”s parents were “quite potty” over him.

Kate and William also appear quite potty over their first son, and royal watchers were amazed to see how fast Prince George had grown when he was spotted with his parents in Cirencester on Father”s Day.

As the future King turns one though, his big day is likely to be marked with a set of official photographs, as Kate, William, and their families gather to mark his first year.