"Pretty Little Liars" Star Ryan Merriman Is Engaged!

Putting in a lot of effort to make his proposal just right, Ryan Merriman is now engaged to Kristen McMullen .

According to People, initially the “Pretty Little Liars” star scouted out a tiki bar, followed by a New Zealand nightclub, before finally settling on Auckland”s SkyCity and the harbor, where New Year”s fireworks set the scene.

Sharing the experience, he explained, “I did it on the fly of the moment. Thank God it worked. She said “Yes.””

Pleased with how it all turned out, the 30-year-old actor added, “As soon as I gave her a kiss and proposed, the fireworks started going off. It was kind of like a movie.”

Now that his job is done, Ryan is leaving the rest up to the bride-to-be, saying, “You know it”s her day. I”d marry her on a beach. I don”t care. We could go to Vegas. But she”s a very classy one so … “If mama ain”t happy, ain”t nobody happy.” “