Pregnant Kim Kardashian — I CAN Stop Eating!!!

Exclusive 0405-kim-kardashian-gettyKim Kardashian“s NOT a food-shoveling, 200-pound, fatso — and Kim is telling friends the proof isn”t in the pudding … it”s in the yogurt.

We”re told Kim went to the doctor last week for a checkup, and she weighed in at 151 lbs … way less that the 200 lbs the tabloids claim.

And there”s even less. We”re told she”s gained a grand total of 23 pounds from the time Kanye West impregnated her.

Although there”s an epic headline from one of the tabs — “I Can”t Stop Eating!” — we”re told a lot of this is just plain made up.  Por ejemplo … “In Touch” ran a cover pic showing Kim shoving ice cream in her mouth.  Fact is … the pic was taken in Monaco in 2009, when she was relatively tiny.

And our Monegasque (Google it) spies tell us … the cone is not topped with the fat stuff … it”s dairy free, sugar free yogurt with fresh strawberries.  Sounds disgusting.