Polar Bear Siku Gains Legions of Online Fans

Siku the polar bear
There”s a new polar bear in town.

A 1-month-old cub named Siku is so cute, he”s gone viral. The 8-lb. bear was born Nov. 22 at Denmark”s Scandinavian Wildlife Park, but his mother, Ilka, could not produce enough milk to feed her new cub.

The zoo stepped in, and with caretaker Frank Vigh-Larsen at the helm, staffers have been hand-rearing Siku ever since. The constant care includes lots of bottle-feeding of the young bear – whose name means “sea ice” – and watching as Siku sleeps, rolls around and sticks out his tongue.

Siku will continue to receive daily care for a year, after which he will be reintroduced to his polar bear cohort at the wildlife park.