Plaxico Burress — 34,000 MORE Reasons He Needs an NFL Team

exclusive 0818_tmz_plaxico_burress
Unemployed NFL star Plaxico Burress needs a hail mary to solve his massive debt problems … a judge just slapped him with another $34,000 bill, this according to legal docs.

As our sources first reported, Plax lost a lawsuit back in January from a 2008 car accident and a judge awarded the victim, Alise Smith, $125,000 for her troubles.

Plax is currently appealing that decision, but in the meantime … a judge came back this month and ordered Plax to shell out ANOTHER $34k for Smith”s ongoing legal fees.

On top of that judgement, Burress still owes Smith an additional $125k from the first ruling and he still owes the State of NY $59k in back taxes.

Did we mention he”s unemployed