Pippa Middleton Shares Cooking Tips in Waitrose Kitchen

Pippa Middleton Shares Cooking Tips in Waitrose Kitchen

Dishing her delicious cuisine expertise, Pippa Middleton is featured on the cover of Waitrose Kitchen”s April 2013 issue.

The 29-year-old British socialite showed off her darling smile on the front page while sharing cooking tips and her brand new column.

“My column, “Pippa”s Friday Night Feasts” will be an exciting opportunity to share my own passion and enthusiasm for food and entertaining and I cannot wait to get started,” Pippa explains.

When discussing her favorite day of the week, Miss Middleton says, “Regardless of how tired I might be, the moment Friday lunchtime arrives I get that contagious pre-weekend excitement. Fridays, of course, hold the promise of the weekend but also, being far enough away from pre-Monday melancholy, feel freer All of which is why Friday, rather than Saturday, is the night to feast!”

Pippa also explained how to make the perfect meal, and shared. “Make sure you make more than you think you”ll need.”

For more on Miss Middleton”s interview, along with some great recipes, be sure to visit Waitrose!