Pink Opens Up about Willow's Temper Tantrums on "Ellen"

Pink Opens Up about Willow's Temper Tantrums on

Pitching in on promotions for her upcoming film, Pink made a special appearance on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” on Thursday (September 19).

During her interview, the 34-year-old singer opened up about her daughter Willow and how she handles the toddler”s temper tantrums.

“She gets really upset because I find her so delicious even when she”s really, really made,” Pink explains. “She gets, really, really, emotional and mad, and I just think it”s so cute.”

When asked about Willow”s behavior on The Truth About Love tour, the “So What” songstress says, “Her vocabulary is “venue,” “catering,” “airplane.” It”s really funny. She”s rad. The dressing room is now Willow”s room.”

Also adding her husband BMXer Carey Hart into the discussion, Pink states, “We”re a good little threesome. We”re such a little team and we go all over the world and we”re together every day. It”s just so yummy.”

“Everyone around us is fighting because it just brings us closer because we get to laugh at them,” she adds.

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