‘Pick the Immigrant’ Game — Cameron Diaz Doesn’t Make the Cut

Sorry Cameron Diaz … you”re NOT the next contestant in Rep. Luis Gutierrez“s hot new game show, “Pick the Immigrant.”

The Congressman was out in D.C. moments ago … when we tried to get him to play a bonus round of the game he brought to the House floor yesterday … you know, where he shows you two people and you try to guess which one is a foreigner. It”s modeled after Arizona”s controversial “Show Me Your Papers” law.

Gutierrez featured Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez in Round 1 yesterday … in an effort to prove you can”t judge U.S. citizenship based on physical appearance.

But when Gutierrez was asked to “Pick the Immigrant” between Cameron Diaz and Drake … he refused to play … warning, “It”s a very dangerous game.”

He added, “This is why you should never try … because Americans look and sound [different], are tall, are short, are every color and every ethnic group. Don”t try to judge people.”

Game over