Pia Zadora — SWAT Team Swarmed After She Allegedly Choked Son

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We now know why former Broadway star Pia Zadora was arrested in Vegas over the weekend … she allegedly tried to choke out her son … our sources has learned.

Zadora — who famously appeared in the Academy Award disaster scene in “Naked Gun 33⅓”  — got into an argument Friday night with her 16-year-old son Jordan because he refused to go to bed at a timely hour.

Jordan told police he wanted to stay outside and talk to his stepbrother, so Zadora sprayed them with a hose to force them inside.

Jordan told cops his stepbrother tried to calm Pia down and she attacked him, punching him and scratching his face. 

An hour or 2 passed, and — according to the police report — Jordan tried calling 911.  He claims Pia tried to take his phone away, choking him in the process.

When cops arrived, they say everyone in the house — Pia, her son and stepson, as well as her husband — refused to come out to speak to them … so SWAT formed a perimeter around the house.

Pia and her son Jordan eventually came out and spoke to police, and, according to the police report, Pia admitted she may have injured/scratched Jordan and her stepson during the scuffle … but only by accident.