Phil Jackson — Lamar Odom May Have Burned His Lakers Bridge

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Lamar Odom may have ruined his chances of EVER returning to his beloved Los Angeles Lakers … so says his ex coach and NBA legend Phil Jackson.

Jackson didn”t mince words to our sources when we asked if he thought Lamar would ever return to the purple and gold.  He said, “I think that bridge might have been burned.”

In case you didn”t know, Phil is pretty tight with Lakers execs — he lives with team Prez Jeanie Buss.

And this is interesting.  Phil tells us … he”s not blaming the Kardashian family for Lamar”s woes, despite a recent interview in which he hinted that Lamar would have been better off without the K-fam.

He says although the reality show was “a distraction” for Lamar, there”s a benefit that outweighed the negative — “Lamar got a family and a caring unit.”

He also said he worries that Bruce Jenner is out of the picture … because Lamar related to him as an athlete. 

As for what caused Lamar to unravel, Jackson said he”s been dealing with “too many personal things,” although he was not specific.