Pharrell to — Give It Up, Bitch … You’re Nothing Like Me

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The gloves are off in Pharrell WIlliams” trademark war with — Pharrell now says is DREAMING if he thinks he”s up to the “Get Lucky” singer”s level … because he”s not even close.

As we reported, filed a lawsuit against Pharrell over the trademark “I Am” … after Pharrell attempted to stake his claim on a YouTube channel called “I Am Other.”

In his docs, suggested users might get confused over the “I Am” name because he and Pharrell have both “achieved great distinction” in the hip hop world, each releasing mega hits … and working with the industry”s top professionals.

But Pharrell has fired back … saying that”s utter BS … hasn”t achieved the same distinction at all. As a result, Pharrell argues there would be zero confusion about who”s really behind the “I Am Other” channel.

What”s more, Pharrell says”s track record for copyright infringement is embarrassing … saying”s been a defendant in nearly a dozen infringement lawsuits (including song stealing).

For these reasons, Pharrell wants”s lawsuit thrown out of court … so he can use the phrase “I Am Other” with zero repercussions. He also wants to pay for his lawyers.”s rep had no comment.