Peter Facinelli"s Relaxed N.Y.C. Night Out Post-Split

Peter Facinelli
A cool leather jacket, gently tousled hair and a cocktail: These were the props for Peter Facinelli”s night out on the town a week after filing for divorce from wife Jennie Garth.

Just after 8 p.m. Thursday night, Facinelli arrived solo a Hennessy-sponsored party at the Highline Studios in New York City. Wearing slate-gray jeans and a black leather jacket, the sedate-looking actor, 38, posed for photos on the black carpet before heading inside the party.

Facinelli spent time mingling and engaged in earnest conversation with an older male pal while lounging on a sofa in a roped-off V.I.P area

Not appearing to be in a flirty mood, the Twilight elected not to hang out much with the reams of attractive women at the event.

He pepped up, though, when the evening”s entertainment kicked in around midnight: Erykah Badu, Missy Elliott and Timbaland all performed to a packed house. “Peter loved Erykah,” said one observer. “He was seen rocking out and having a fantastic time.”

By and large, “He definitely seemed to be in a mellow mood, which isn”t surprising” considering the split, added another guest.

As for what else transpired, Facinelli sipped a sidecar cocktail as waitstaff passed apps that included chicken, bacon and coleslaw sliders; parmesan rice balls; and fried shrimp skewers.

Around 11 p.m.. Facinelli paid a visit to actress Gabrielle Union – who went glam in a white dress – over at her perch on another sofa across the room. The two smiled hello and posed for photos together before he moved on.