Peter Facinelli Likes to Play Games Before Flying

Peter Facinelli
If Alec Baldwin is looking for a worthy Words With Friends opponent, Peter Facinelli might just be up for the challenge.

The Scrabble-like game is his go-to when he”s waiting for a flight. (As opposed to on the flight, a move then got Baldwin kicked off an American Airlines plane last December.)

“I really get into the zone,” Facinelli, 38, tells The New York Times in a Frequent Flier column. “I was so into the zone once that I didn”t realize it was time to board a flight.”

On that particular occasion, someone at the airport tapped him on the shoulder and recognized his celebrity status. “He just wanted to tell me he was a fan,” says Facinelli, whose split from Jennie Garth after 11 years of marriage has made headlines since March.

But for the most part, the Twilight and Nurse Jackie actor tends to fly under the radar when he travels.

“It”s not like I”m easily recognizable,” he says. “I”m just a guy on a flight.”

And like any other guy, he even finds himself a little star-struck sometimes. Once when he was leaving a fan convention, he flew home on the same plane as Dukes of Hazzard alumni Catherine Bach and John Schneider, as well as The Incredible Hulk himself, Lou Ferrigno.

“I grew up watching these shows, and it kicked me in the face that I was sitting next to the people who played these characters,” he recalls. The best part Bach wanted to take a photo with Facinelli and some of her family.

“I was more than happy to do it,” he says, “and I couldn”t wait to tell someone that I actually met Daisy Duke.”