Peter Facinelli Drops By Hotel Café

Peter Facinelli Drops By Hotel Café

Flying solo for the evening, Peter Facinelli headed over to the Hotel Café in Hollywood last night (June 10).

The Loosies hunk donned a camouflage trucker cap with a denim jacket and plaid shirt as he exited the venue after watching Paul McDonald and The Grand Magnolias perform live.

And though his role in the Twilight Saga took his career to a whole new level, Peter recently admitted that he nearly skipped the audition.

I almost didnt read for Twilight. My agent said, Do you want to do a vampire movie And I was like, No. I was totally thinking blood and guts and bats in caves, like some kind of horror movie.

They literally talked me into reading the book and I actually enjoyed the book a lot. Then Catherine Hardwicke was directing [Twilight] and I was a fan of hers. So I said I would go in and read for it, for sure, because Catherine is directing it, and I liked the book.