People”s Court Missing Mom “Would Not Voluntarily Disappear,” Friends Say

Michelle Parker
In the days before her appearance on The People”s Court was to air, Michelle Parker told friends that she dreaded seeing herself on the show.

“She wasn”t looking forward to seeing her dirty laundry on national TV,” a friend tells PEOPLE. “She was embarrassed.”

Indeed, the case was embarrassing. Dale Smith, Parker”s ex-fiancé, sued her for the cost of a $5,000 ring that she had thrown over a balcony during a heated argument. The behavior clearly irritated judge Marilyn Milian.

“My 14-year-old has a more mature relationship with her boyfriend than you guys do,” Milian snapped in court. “You”re both complete idiots.”

So when Parker, 33, disappeared on the very day the show aired, many people thought that the pretty mother of three had voluntarily vanished. Not so, say Parker”s friends.

“She would never disappear and put her kids through this,” Parker”s longtime friend, Angela Mann, tells PEOPLE.

“Her kids are her entire world. Anyone who knows Michelle knows that she did not voluntarily disappear. Somebody took her.”

Parker”s family and friends have set up a command post in Orlando and are desperately searching for Parker. “We”re searching the entire county,” says Mann. “Someone knows where she is.”

Police say that Dale Smith is not currently a suspect in Parker”s disappearance and is cooperating with the investigation.