‘Pawn Stars’ Chumlee — BLOODY FIGHT on Hollywood Blvd.

Exclusive Details
Chumlee from “Pawn Stars” was involved in a crazy — and bloody — fight right in the middle of Hollywood Blvd. this weekend … but the reality star tells our sources it was all in self-defense.

A video has surfaced showing Chum and his pals hanging out in front of Chum”s Rolls Royce … when they are approached by a unknown man.

Chum tells us … the guy was harassing the group and demanding a ride in the Rolls. When Chum”s group refused, Chum says the man threatened to pull a gun.

Chum says the man then reached for something in his pocket … so his boys took action, socking the guy in the face HARD … dropping the man to the pavement.

Once the guy hit the floor, Chum and his crew scrambled to get back in the car and quickly fled the scene … while the man tried to pick himself up, blood pouring out of his face.

Chum tells our sources, “Instinct just took over. [The man] didn’t even know I was on TV or anything … just wanted to ride in our car and start problems.”

So far, no word on the identity of the victim or his current condition.