Pauly D Unveils Secrets Surrounding His Custody Battle

Pauly D Unveils Secrets Surrounding His Custody Battle

Caught in transit by photog”s and questions at an airport in North Carolina, “Jersey Shore”s” Pauly D was asked about the status of both his relationship with former fling Amanda Markert, and the custody battle they are embroiled in over their baby.

When asked if he was nervous about becoming a father, the 33-year-old said he was both nervous and excited, and he became more serious when asked if he thought he could ever work things out with Amanda. Pauly responded, saying, “I hope so, you know why It”s for the baby, and it would be best to have the original mother, and I”m obviously the father, so I want to take care of the baby.”

He continued in the interview, saying, “I want to give the baby the best life she ever had, and when I see the pictures…she”s the first girl to ever steal my heart. She”s adorable, I love her, and I cannot wait.” He then said that he would hopefully meet with Amanda and the baby at some point next week.

He concluded, saying that he an Amanda are in “a custody battle, so I want to see the baby as much as I can, so I don”t know how that works my first time, but I want my baby, so we”ll see what happens. It”s in the lawyers” hands right now.”

However, when the interview seemed to be over, the photog fire one more question at the “Jersey Shore” icon, asking if he thought that Amanda was using the baby to earn fame and fortune. Pauly”s response was quick, saying, “100%, unfortunately. That”s what happens. What are you going to do” Stay linked to GossipCenter to see how the custody battle between Pauly D and Amanda Markert plays out!