Paula Deen’s Ridiculous Video Apology for Using N-Word

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Paula Deen
continues to step in it, and we know part of the problem is that her team doesn”t have a clue.

She just issued a weird, video apology with an edit after almost every sentence.  It”s as if some publicist is feeding her lines that she has trouble delivering.

Rather than explaining why she used the N word in the past — something she might have been able to explain given her background — she”s just begging for forgiveness.  It feels like it”s coming from a bunch of suits, and not from her heart.  Huge miss.

Sources connected with Deen tell our sources … this was an apology produced by committee — a committee of lawyers, publicists and other managers who don”t understand the meaning of the word “apology.”  They”ve strung a bunch of words together that make Deen look pathetic … throwing herself at the mercy of the court of public opinion.

It”s sad.