Paula Deen’s Husband — WE’RE NOT BIGOTS … Now Gimme Some Chick-fil-A

Less than two months after Paula Deen went on TV and proclaimed that “everyone should be treated equal” … her husband Michael Groover was seen walking out of a Chick-fil-A restaurant.

While they do have great food (really great food), is Chick-fil-A REALLY the best place for Paula”s hubby to grab a meal … in the wake of the chef”s “I”m not a bigot, please take me back America” campaign

FYI — it wasn”t too long ago Paula appeared on TV and said, “I believe that every creature on this earth — every one of God”s creatures — was created equal, no matter who you choose to go to bed at night with, no matter what church you go to pray. I believe that everyone should be treated equal and that”s the way I was raised, and that”s the way I live my life.”

Just sayin” …