Paula Deen Says ??No Thanks? to ??Dancing with the Stars?

Paula Deen Says ??No Thanks? to ??Dancing with the Stars?

Shes been having a rough year after losing pretty much every contract and endorsement deal due to allegations of racism, but Paula Deen isnt keen to get back into the spotlight just yet.

According to a report, the ABC hit show Dancing with the Stars offered to have Paula as a contestant on their new season, but she declined.

An inside source told press, The dance floor is not the appropriate forum for her, though host Tom Bergeron hopes she changes her mind.

He noted, “We”ve seen career resurgences after the show. People go, “I remember why I love that person!””

Dance pro Cheryl Burke agrees- “Right now, lots of controversial things are happening around her and her situation, and I think coming on something light and fun would be good for her.”