Paula Deen — Meet My Black Friend … If You Can See Him!

A year before Paula Deen“s racially insensitive deposition surfaced, Deen gave an awkward interview with the NY Times that touched upon race … during which she joked that her black friend blended in with a black background to the point where no one could see him.

The interview went down in NYC in the fall of 2012 (props to Huffington Post for digging up the clip) and is especially relevant now considering Deen”s recent admission to using the N-word, her less than heartfelt apologies (#1 and #2) and the Food Network”s decision to can her

Deen explains how her great-grandfather was devastated when the Civil War ended … because he didn”t know how to operate his plantation without “help” … saying “black folk were such integral parts of our lives.” They weren”t “folk” … they were slaves.

Paula goes on to say she thinks prejudice will never be completely gone, but that “black people feel the same prejudice that white people feel.”

Then Paula does something even more ridiculous and says she has “a young man” in her life she wants everyone to meet named Hollis Johnson, who is “black as that board” (her words) while pointing to the black background behind her.

At one point she hollers, “Come out here Hollis. We can’t see you standing against that dark board.”

Playing the “some of my best friends are black!” card even before she needed to.