Paula Deen — Food Network Blames Paula’s Abysmal PR Team

Exclusive 0621-paula-deen-food-networkPaula Deen“s PR team botched her n-word apology so badly … the Food Network had no choice but to fire her, sources close to the network tell our sources.

According to our sources, her management”s clumsy damage control — backing out of the Matt Lauer interview and releasing multiple lame mea culpas — was the primary reason the Food Network pulled the plug on the celebrity chef.

We”re told the apology videos were the last straw — clinching the Food Network”s decision to drop the ax on her. And if you”ve seen the videos, it”s not a big shock. (Apology 1, Apology 2)

But the silver lining … we”re told Paula”s son Bobby Deen will be spared … his Food Network show “Not My Mama”s Meals” won”t be affected by his mama getting the boot.

Might want to rename it though.