Paul McCartney on Miley Cyrus: "C'mon, We've Seen Worse than That!"

Paul McCartney on Miley Cyrus:

He may be old enough to be her grandfather, but Paul McCartney isn”t losing any sleep over Miley Cyrus” raunchy behavior at the MTV VMAs.

While promoting his latest album, New, the former Beatle told Sky News that he has no problem letting his 10-year-old daughter watch the antics.

Admitting he saw the performance, Paul said, “I watched it as an experiment to check, but you look at it and you say, “What”s everyone shouting about” I think it was only mildly shocking . . . it wasn”t explicit at all.”

Indeed, during his long career and the frenzy of the British invasion, the 71-year-old is probably not shocked by much as he adds, “C”mon, we”ve seen worse than that!”