Paul McCartney — Mayday, Mayday! My Helicopter Almost Crashed

Sir Paul McCartney
barely escaped death when his helicopter reportedly almost crashed while trying to land in England.

It says Paul and wife Nancy Shevell (she almost died too) were being flown to their home in Sussex via helicopter back in May — when the pilot became disoriented and came within two feet of striking a tree top — according to the Daily Mail

The UK”s Dept. of Transportation says the pilot lost control of the 9-seater bird while trying to land in the middle of an intense rain storm, and starting plunging towards the ground.

The D.O.T report says the pilot managed to pull the chopper up literally at the last second.  The pilot aborted the landing and flew the couple to a nearby airport in Kent.

A rep for Paul told the Daily Mail he was aware of the investigation and had no comment.