Patti Stanger Talks Possible Engagement

Patti Stanger Talks Possible Engagement

Shes usually the one doing the matchmaking, and now Patti Stanger is madly in love with mortgage banker David Krause.

The Millionaire Matchmaker mastermind seems to think that there may be a proposal from her beau in the not-too-distant future.

During her interview on Good Morning America, the 51-year old reality star explained, “We”re not engaged yet. But maybe watch the finale and you”ll see something.”

Patti also showed off some new jewelry David gave her- “I have a promise ring. We moved in pretty soon, so that”s the reason why.”

Meanwhile, Krause gushed about meeting Stanger online. “That was just so crazy because I”ve never experienced anything like it before in my life.”

And given that he didnt know about her show, David was confused when she got hit up for autographs during their second date. “[I thought] what is going on here, this is the oddest thing. But I didn”t ask any questions, because I figured she”d let me know when she was ready. And that night I raced home and Googled [her].”

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