Paris Jackson: Recovering Prior to Acting Debut

Paris Jackson: Recovering Prior to Acting Debut

Its been a rough week for Paris Jackson, who was rushed to the hospital yesterday (June 5) after attempting suicide, and as she begins the road to recovery she has much to look forward to.

The 15-year-old daughter of the late Michael Jackson has been recruited for a role in Lundons Bridge and the Three Keys, and author/producer Dennis Christen says Jackson is still planning to do the gig.

Christen explained, “Paris is very important to us and we all love her deeply. Any comment about her private life will have to come from her family.”

“Paris will do a delightful job in her role . . . She”s been concentrating on developing her acting skills and is becoming a very proficient actor. We are confident that when we are ready to roll the cameras, she will be ready for the task.”

Dennis added, “We wish her the very best as she works through this difficult time. She knows that she has millions of fans out there that love her deeply and only want happiness for her.”

As for Jacksons psychological well-being, an insider told press, “She has major depression issues, a lot of it stemming from her dad”s death.”