Paris Jackson: "Doing Well," Possibly Moving to In-State Rehab Facility

Paris Jackson:

It hasn”t been an easy road for Paris Jackson since her suicide attempt on June 5th, but it looks like things are heading in a positive direction for the 15-year-old.

Speaking with E! News, a source close to the situation says, “She is getting better, but this is going to be a long road,” adding, “she is still doing therapy and on medication. It is a long process, but she is doing well.”

Aside from her current well-being, rumors had been swirling that a rehab facility in Utah actually denied Paris from checking in, however, the insider insists that”s not the case.

“I never heard anything about a rejection. There wasn”t a rejection,” said the source. “There were concerns of logistics, about bodyguards and the privacy of the other patients.”

Not only were the logistics a possible issue, but being states away from her family wasn”t something Jackson wanted either, “It would make it hard for her brothers and family to see her since she would have been so far away,” the source says. “Paris” grandmother] Katherine [Jackson] wants to see her and she is in her 80s and she doesn”t fly.”

As for Michael Jackson”s daughter”s next move, it looks like her mom Debbie Rowe, has been busy researching facilities and may have found a place in-state, but no specific date has been set for a move.