Paris Jackson: Doing Well & Getting Help

Paris Jackson: Doing Well & Getting Help

Her life almost ended prematurely in tragedy due to a suicide attempt in June, but thankfully Paris Jackson has been on the road to recovery over the past few months.

Grandmother Katherine Jackson told Hello magazine that her 15-year-old granddaughter is in a much better state of mind these days.

“She is in a good place, getting the help she needs. She”s doing much better. The treatment is going good, really good. She”s my baby. It”s hard for me, really hard.

All I wanted these kids to be is happy. The night Michael died [in June 2009] Paris was crying and said, “I want to go and see daddy; I don”t want to be without him.””

Meanwhile, an insider added, “She has major depression issues, a lot of it stemming from her dad”s death. It”s very real and very sad.”

However, Paris uncle Randy Jackson tweeted his disapproval of how things are being handled. “I don”t like that Paris is still in this facility. It”s not right. She”s been there much too long. She is not psychotic. There is no reason for her to be in a psychiatric hospital this long away from her family. I just hate the fact that you will probably still be there on my brother”s birthday. This is not good.”