Paris Hilton to "Bling Ring" Cast: "Don't Burn My House Down!"

Paris Hilton to

Giving up her home to make the film as realistic as possible, Paris Hilton offered up her multimillion dollar pad for Sofia Coppola”s flick, “The Bling Ring.”

Inspired by actual events, the movie follows a group of fame-obsessed teenagers who use the internet to track celebrities” whereabouts in order to rob their homes.

Hitting close to home, Paris was a real-life victim of the 2008-2009 burglaries, in which over $2 million worth of her jewelry was stolen along with designer clothing and money.

Though she was willing to let the actors inside, Miss Hilton still seemed a bit of weery of things going wrong. In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, actress Katie Chang (who plays group ringleader Rebecca) says, “I introduced myself to her [Hilton], and all she said was, Dont burn my house down.”” Chang responded with, “I can handle that.”

Interested in seeing the film for yourself “The Bling Ring” opens in theaters today (June 14).