Paris Hilton — Sleeping with the Enemy

Exclusive0604-paris-hilton-court-arrival-3Paris Hilton has figured out a way to settle a nasty lawsuit with a lingerie company — she”s going into business with them … our sources has learned.

Le Bonitas — an Italian lingerie company — sued Paris last year, claiming the heiress dragged her heels in approving designs, costing them 200k.  For her part, Paris countersued for $1.5 mil, which she says she was guaranteed in royalties.

Hilton is in NYC today, and we”re told she met with company honchos in court for a mandatory settlement conference.  Apparently, it worked, because we”re told they struck a new deal for Paris to front the nighties, and the lawsuit will go bye-bye.

BTW … this will be the 18th product line Paris is hocking, with a net value of $1 billion.

F our lives.

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