Paris Hilton Calls Radio Host a "Fu**ing A**hole": Listen Here!

Paris Hilton Calls Radio Host a

Although she meets with success seemingly anywhere she travels, today (October 10) was not kind to Paris Hilton.After a radio interview-gone-wrong, the lovely pop icon let loose what was really on her mind.

The hotel heiress called into Raleigh-Durhams Bob and the Showgram radio show to discuss her new song Good Time, and expressed herself explicitly after deejay Bob Dumas brought up her notorious sex tape.

Hilton avoided the question during the interview, keeping up appearances, but afterwards ripped the talk show host to her handler, apparently while Dumas still listened in on the phone.

On the phone to her handler, she said, That guy was a f**king a**hole; Im never doing that show again. Dumas and his crew cracked up in the background. Listen in to see what you think!