‘Pants on the Ground’ Guy — NJ Saggy Pants Ban … IS GENIUS

Exclusive 0618_General-Larry-Platt_american-idolTwo important things — 1) “Pants on the Ground” auteur General Larry Platt is STILL ALIVE!!! … and 2) He absolutely loves the new saggy pants ban in New Jersey.

As we reported, the Jersey Shore town of Wildwood has passed a law banning saggy pants from its boardwalk, and it”s scheduled to go into effect next month.

But unlike a bunch of famous rappers, legendary “American Idol” anti-sag crusader Platt tells our sources, “I am happy about the law and would like to see the law passed worldwide.”

The 65-year-old General says he”s actually talking to politicians in his hometown of Atlanta about getting the same law passed there.

Platt — who says he”d consider a post with Wildwood PD just to enforce the ban — adds, “Saggy pants are a disgrace to the community. When you wear your pants on the ground, you look like a fool, and it pulls down people, churches, schools, education and jobs.”

Take us home, Larry!