Chris Kirkpatrick Shoots Down 'N Sync Reunion Tour Possibilities

Chris Kirkpatrick Shoots Down 'N Sync Reunion Tour Possibilities

Just one day after delighting fans with an “N Sync reunion at the VMAs, Chris Kirkpatrick talked about how it all went down on the Miami radio show, “Johnny”s House.”

Sharing how the big idea came only two and a half weeks before the ceremony, the 41-year-old boy bander says, “It was an honor for us.”

Invited on board to help celebrate Justin Timberlake”s Video Vanguard Award, Chris said he was nervous about getting back on stage, admitting, “I was just so worried about not messing up for him.”

When asked if a reunion tour was on the way, Mr. Kirkpatrick revealed, “No, this was for Justin to get the Video Vanguard Award. It was funny because, you know, all of us getting back together, you know, we remembered what we liked about each other and we remembered what we hated about each other. It was just a lot of fun.”

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