Made in Chelsea series seven: 5 things we learnt from episode one

Made in Chelsea series seven: 5 things we learnt from episode one
The Sloane Square rahs are officially back as the seventh series of Made in Chelsea debuted on Monday night.

Viewers were treated to a fresh dose of drama, awkward silences and catty exchanges, and judging by the television ratings — which pulled in a record high of 808,000 viewers — and the frantic tweeting, the show’s first episode was well worth the wait.

Read on to find out what we learnt from episode one…


1. There’s a lot of love for Binky

Twitter followers were aghast with the idea that Alex may possibly have cheated on Binky. While the blue-eyed hunk vehemently denied it all — saying that he couldn’t imagine which girl was spinning the rumour mill — fans of the show were Team Binky all the way. Alex looked visibly awkward and uncomfortable as he spoke to Binky, with some viewers convinced that he was guilty.



2. Jamie still hasn’t grown up

We’re in the seventh series of Made in Chelsea but it looks like Jamie still hasn’t grown up. The Peter Pan boy got a grilling in Monday night’s episode after Lucy found out that he had enjoyed himself a little too much while on holiday in Miami, telling girls he loved them, just a week after he declared his love for Lucy.

“If I love someone, I don’t tell them I love them and then go away and start hooking up with girls — a week later, Jamie,” she fired at the McVitie’s heir.

3. Are sparks flying between Spencer and Louise… again

Spencer and Louise seem to work better as friends but there was no denying the chemistry between the old flames as they went for dinner with Binky and Alex. While Louise didn’t know Spencer was joining the group, she looked slightly irked but soon got over it, and the pair had a bit of “banter” about their failed romance.

Viewers seemed surprised to see the exes get on so well, but their focus soon turned to shock over why they were dishing out relationship advice to Binky and Alex.

4. Victoria wants to take Cheska off her blacklist… and she has a blacklist

The Sloane Square princess actually admitted that she felt bad for calling Cheska a “fat turkey” at Christmas, and that she wanted to take the blonde beauty off her and Sophie’s blacklist. But while Cheska got an invite to Sophie’s themed birthday party, Lucy — who was dubbed as “Lucifer” — still remained on the blacklist.

Dressed ironically as the Queen of Hearts, Victoria apologised to Cheska at the party but Cheska knew it wasn’t sincere. Judging by Twitter, viewers had mixed feelings towards Victoria and Sophie.


5. Spencer and Andy are developing a “bromance”

If Lucy and Louise could eventually become friends, why not Spencer and Andy The pair’s former rivalry seems to have taken a U-turn, with Spencer and Andy discovering that they had so much in common they decided to call themselves “samesies”. Self-confessed lothario Spencer even went as far as to rub it in Jamie’s face, telling the hyper-active cast member that he was now “best friends” with Andy.

What did you think of Monday night’s episode Post your comments below!

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