Pacman Jones — Makes It Rain with the Homeless … Still Owes $11 Mil to Strip Club Shooting Victims

Exclusive Details 0930-adam-pacman-jones-gettyGood News — Adam “Pacman” Jones dished out a bunch of $100 bills to homeless people yesterday.

Bad News — He still owes more than $11 million to the victims of a 2007 strip club shooting that left 2 men wounded, 1 of whom was paralyzed from the waist down.

The Cincinnati Bengals defensive back tweeted about his good deeds … writing, “I just give 15 homeless people a 100 next I”m pay for 15 mothers bills that”s in need.”

He added, “That”s what I”m doing for birthday. CauseI”mblessed.”

It”s a great gesture … we support helping the homeless … but there”s a reason the Nevada court  ordered Jones to fork over millions to the shooting victims — they need $$$ too.

In fact, just last year, a lawyer for one of the victims told a media outlet he was happy about the ruling because the victim could use the money to buy better medical equipment.

Of course, the strip club incident is infamous — a scuffle broke out after Pacman “made it rain” and someone in his entourage fired gunshots that struck two bouncers.

Jones denied having a role in the shooting — but nevertheless, he”s still on the hook — and sources tell us he has yet to settle his debt.