"Oz The Great and Powerful" Cast Cover The Hollywood Reporter's Latest Issue

With their new movie “Oz The Great and Powerful” opening in theaters this week (March 8th), Michelle Williams, Mila Kunis, Rachel Weisz, and James Franco rocked the latest cover of The Hollywood Reporter.

The stars looked enchanting for the Douglas Inglish-shot front page while opening up about their experience on the fairy tale set.

During the interview, Mr. Franco recalled, “I met Sam [Raimi] to discuss this film around the Oscars two years ago. I was so happy to do it, not only to work with Sam again but also because the character is so iconic.”

Meanwhile, Rachel confessed her imminent fear of heights while on set. “When you go up on a very high wire, you think “I will die!””

In regards to her intricate makeup, four hours to apply and an hour to remove, Mila explained, “There were two big prosthetic pieces. Then you sort of get spray-painted with color, which gets glued to your skin. It damages your skin. The taking-off process makes it raw and swollen. It took two months for my skin to recover.”

In regard their rough schedule, Michelle explained that people have to fight off the frustration. “You get there three hours early for hair and makeup and costumes. Then it starts moving from five-day weeks into six-day weeks, and one can become a bit edgy.”

“But Sam was able to fight it off. When you that your brave leader, with the world on his shoulders, is able to have a new enthusiasm every day and be patient and kind, you wake up to your own possibilities.” she adds.