Oscar Pistorius — When Are People Going to Feel Bad for ME???

Oscar Pistorius says the constant snarking about his murder charge is killing him.

The former Olympian”s family issued a statement whining about South African tabloids and social media boo-birds, saying they are deeply disturbed by the “disregard that is being shown by some … for the profound pain that Reeva’s family and friends are going through.”

“For Oscar the process is “incredibly overwhelming” as he struggles not only to deal with manner in which he lost his girlfriend, but also his role in it.” (Read: The part where he shot her multiple times back in February — he claims he thought she was an intruder).

The statement goes on and on …

“There is not a moment in the day that Oscar does not mourn for his girlfriend and Reeva’s family, and all those who were close to her, are in his thoughts constantly.”

Not that it”s slowing him down … Pistorius is free on bail and was seen jogging on a track in South Africa last month.