Oscar Pistorius: Granted $28,500 Bail!

Oscar Pistorius: Granted $28,500 Bail!

Hes been accused of shooting his girlfriend to death in a fit of anger, and now Oscar Pistorius is walking the streets freely after being granted bail by a South African Judge.

The Blade Runner Olympian reported to court earlier today where the judge ruled that he was not considered a flight risk and set his bail at a measly $28,500.

Furthermore, Pistorius famous face and his double amputee disability were considered factors that would make it hard for him to go unnoticed if he did try to escape the country.

Prior to announcing his ruling, the judge asked the prosecutor why, if Oscar had premeditated the murder, he didnt stage a break-in to corroborate his claim that he thought he was shooting at an intruder rather than girlfriend Reeva Steenkamp.

And the prosecutor admitted Pistorius story did hold up more than previously thought. “The fact that we have only one survivor of that tragic night is difficult for the state.”