Oscar Pistorius’ Girlfriend — Father Lashes Out … Oscar Will Suffer If He’s Lying

0223-oscar-pistorius-reeva-steenkamp-gettyReeva Steenkamp“s father is speaking out about his daughter”s death, saying Oscar Pistorius will suffer the consequences of a guilty conscience if it turns out he”s lying about Reeva”s killing.

Barry Steenkamp told the South African newspaper Beeld, “It doesn”t matter how much money [Oscar] has and how good his legal team is, he will have to live with his conscience if he allows his legal team to lie for him.”

Barry continues, “But if he is telling the truth, then perhaps I can forgive him one day. If it didn”t happen the way he said it did, he must suffer, and he will suffer … only he knows.”

Oscar was released from jail Friday on bail. He is facing a charge of premeditated murder.