Oscar Pistorius — Don’t Worry, I’m Not RACING Anytime Soon

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Oscar Pistorius insists he WILL NOT enter any track meets in the near future … even though a judge has cleared the way for the accused murderer to compete again … our sources has learned.

Pistorius — who was known as “Blade Runner” before he was known as “That Guy Who Probably Murdered His Girlfriend” — scored a huge court victory today when the judge eased his bail restrictions so he could leave the country to compete in races.

As part of the deal, the 26-year-old sprinter must run his travel plans by officials at least one week before he leaves the country.

But Oscar”s rep tells our sources … “Oscar does not intend to compete. He merely challenged the travel restrictions imposed, since he was not considered a flight risk during the bail hearing.”

The rep continues, “At this point in time there are no plans for him to travel at all.”