Oscar Pistorius — Chief Investigator Facing Attempted Murder Charges

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The Oscar Pistorius case took a dramatic turn Thursday with shades of the O.J. Simpson case … with a shocking revelation — the lead investigator is facing attempted murder charges.

Detective Hilton Botha — who laid out the prosecution”s case earlier in the week — allegedly shot at a minibus in 2011 and criminal charges were filed but dropped due to a lack of evidence.  But then — 10 days before Reeva Steenkamp was killed — authorities found new evidence and reinstated the attempted murder charges.

Now the South African prosecutor”s association is urging that Botha be booted from the Pistorius case.

Botha — who is turning out to be the Mark Fuhrman of the case (if you”re under 30, Google it) — did a lousy job during cross-examination and could create problems for the prosecution.

Meanwhile — the judge asked Pistorius” lawyer a bizarre question which has shades of celebrity justice — “Do you think there will be some level of shock if the accused is released [on bail]”  The defense fired back, “I think there will be a level of shock in this country if he is not released.”