Oscar Nominees Featured in Time Magazine's 2013 Great Performers Issue

Oscar Nominees Featured in Time Magazine's 2013 Great Performers Issue

They are never ones to shy away from the spotlight, and now Oscar-nominees including Amy Adams, Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Naomi Watts, and Jessica Chastain scored themselves a feature in Time magazine.

While posing for the fashionable Paola Kudacki spread, the A-list celebrities gathered together to discuss their roles and the lessons they learned in their critically-acclaimed film.

Below are a few highlights from the actors” interviews. For all the celebrity highlights, be sure to pay a visit to Time , and don”t forget to watch the Oscars on February 24th!

Amy Adams – Peggy Dodd in “The Master”
On understanding her character”s responsibility in “The Master”:
“Women were given responsibility in wartime, and then it was back to the kitchen and take care of your man. It was a real interesting time for women. The perception of what was available in that era was so different.”

Anne Hathaway – Fantine in “Les Misérables”
On trying to appreciate everything in her life since “Les Misérables”:
“As a woman born in 1982, I take for granted so many freedoms that Fantine wouldn”t even dream of.”

Hugh Jackman – Jean Valjean in “Les Misérables”
On learning what it was like to be imprisoned:
“What was fascinating what jail was like and what the purpose of jail was because we have this modern notion that this is place of rehabilitation and ideally people can come back to society they were rehabilitated and that was not the case back then. One of Victor Hugo”s [Author; Les Misérables] main themes is how hard and wasteful the jail system was. The goal wasn”t to turn you out rehabilitated. The goal was to turn you out an animal.”

Naomi Watts – Maria Belon in “The Impossible”
On the responsibility of playing a real life character:
“Given the level of suffering that Maria went through and her family I felt this huge responsibility for not just but because so many lives were lost, so many people were effected by this tsunami so she is one small piece in this giant puzzle. Maria and I created this fantastic relationship that was very close and she was very articulate, you know when someone goes through this level of suffering and shock you don”t know how open they are. sometimes it shuts people down and makes it hard to talk about it. But she was just so expressive and so detailed in everything she went through. And everything she did go through is, blow by blow, what”s up there on the screen.”

Jessica Chastain – Maya in “Zero Dark Thirty”
On working in theater vs. film :
“Right now I”m doing “The Heiress” and it”s a 900 seat house, the performance is very different from what it would be if we were making a film of it. In film, you can think the thoughts and the camera is an extension of your soul so you see it. But in theater you have to make sure the person way in the back is able to see it. so this means you have to highten your stakes and make it more important because then it looks more visible.”