Orlando Bloom & Ian McKellen Talk ??Hobbit? on ??Today?

Orlando Bloom & Ian McKellen Talk ??Hobbit? on ??Today?

Taking care of some media duties in Manhattan, Orlando Bloom and Ian McKellan showed up at Rockefeller Plaza for an appearance on the Today show on Tuesday (October 1).

Both handsome actors were in the house to plug their upcoming flick The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, and they even brought a teaser trailer and some new artwork from the movie.

During the interview, Orlando noted that it had been a decade since hed played the role of Legolas.

It was a joy actually. I mean, I had such a wonderful time playing the character to begin with. And to have had the call to come back and get to don the blonde wig and the pointy ears was just wonderful.

Bloom added, He is a great, fun character. Theres nothing not to like about him. Hes the action elf.