Orlando Bloom Consoled After Miranda Kerr Split on "The Colbert Report": Watch Here!

Orlando Bloom Consoled After Miranda Kerr Split on

His split from wife Miranda Kerr is still pretty fresh, but Stephen Colbert is already encouraging Orlando Bloom to get back into the game.

While promoting his Broadway show “Romeo & Juliet” on the “Colbert Report” on Monday (October 28), the host immediately started out with, “Let”s talk elephant in the room, you”ve got something going on with you right now, we don”t have to talk about it.”

As the “Pirates of the Caribbean” star grimaced, Stephen added, “If you want to talk about it, you let me know, Okay” After Orlando expressed gratitude, he concluded, “All I”m going to say is there are a lot of fish in the sea. You”re a good looking guy.”

Later, the two actually talked about the Shakespearean play in which the 36-year-old actor portrays one of the title roles. Check out the interview in the player below.

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