Oprah Winfrey”s Your OWN Show Winners to Debut in December

They got Oprah”s blessing – and now they have their OWN show!

Kristina Kuzmic and Zach Anner, winners Winfrey”s Your OWN Show competition, will premiere their shows on the network in December.

On Ambush Cook, Kuzmic helps people who typically rely on delivery, dining out or frozen meals for their meals learn to cook for themselves, helping them with everything from grocery shopping to food prep and serving. She makes mouth-watering dishes like braised short ribs and pistachio-crusted tilapia look easy.

“Instead of going to grab a bite to eat, I say let”s make a bite to eat,” Kuzmic tells one participant.

The inspiring Rollin” With Zach is centered around Zach Anner, a 26-year-old and cerebral palsy patient, feeding his self-proclaimed “obsession” with travel on the show. Despite being confined to a wheelchair, Anner participates in activities like rock climbing and sailing on the show.

“You really just have to have a good attitude, challenge yourself, and you can accomplish great things,” he says.

Ambush Cook premieres Dec. 3 (12 p.m. ET) on OWN. And Rollin” With Zach, which has a theme song written and produced by John Mayer, premieres Dec. 12 (8 p.m. ET).