Oprah Winfrey??s ??Jimmy Kimmel Live? Car Giveaway: Watch Here!

Oprah Winfrey??s ??Jimmy Kimmel Live? Car Giveaway: Watch Here!

Trying to put the whole racism in Switzerland snafu behind her, Oprah Winfrey gifted a car to a lucky audience member at Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (August 14).

The talk show queen was in the house to promote her new movie The Butler, but she still found time to brighten one womans day.

During the interview, Winfrey declared, I just got that feeling again. You know, that feeling. A concerned Kimmel questioned, Should we stop

Winfrey replied, “No, no, no. I really didn”t want it to happen herebut I”m getting it, before scanning the crowd. You, lady in the blue! You, come up here a minute, please. This is what I wanna say to youYouyou get a car!”

Jimmy declared, We dont have a car, before Oprah ordered Guillermo to please take her outside to see her new car.

She added, The cars there. The car is yours, as the lucky winner Britney discovered she would drive home in a brand new Ford Fusion Energi.

Offering an explanation, Winfrey added, Every once in a while this just happens. Especially when I skip lunch But I feel better.