Oprah Winfrey — You’re Paying Too Much For My Old Crap

Exclusive Video 110213_oprah_auction_launch
You paid too much! And you paid too much! Everybody paid too much for Oprah Winfrey“s old junk at her estate sale today … and the Big O was shocked.

Oprah and BFF Gayle King were front and center during the auction Saturday in Santa Barbara … where she was selling stuff off for her Leadership Academy in South Africa.

The first item was a poster (pictured below) from “The Color Purple” that Winfrey proudly displayed in her office for a long time —  the starting bid was $2k … and Oprah was blown away by the price.


The poster eventually sold for $4k –but you have to see O”s reaction as the bids went up, and up, and up …

It”s priceless.