Oprah Winfrey: President Obama Disrespected Because He's African American

Oprah Winfrey: President Obama Disrespected Because He's African American

Releasing a set of bold statements to the BBC about racisms past, media queen Oprah Winfrey decided to speak out against the criticism given to President Barack Obama, saying, Theres a level of disrespect for the office that occursbecause hes African American.

The 59-year-old continued, There”s no question about that. And it”s the kind of thing no one ever says, but everybody”s thinking it. Oprah sat down with BBCs Will Gompertz, slamming the presidents critics, specifically singling out Congressman Joe Wilson, for calling Obama a liar during a 2009 speech he gave.

The former talk show host originally set out to promote her new movie, Lee Daniels” The Butler, which hits U.K. theaters on November 15th, and she highlighted references of slavery, inequality and bigotry throughout all of history.

Born in 1954 Mississippi, she also stated that, “If I”d been born five years earlier, none, not any of the benefits that I”ve been blessed to be successful with would have occurred.

Finally, Oprah finished the interview stating that human society will continue to evolve if, and only if, the deep-seated bigotry that has been instilled in so many generations dies away. Her direct statement read, There are still generations of older people who were born and breed and marinated in that prejudice and racism and they just have to die.